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Welcome to the Matrix Guild Victoria Inc. Website

Raising awareness of the health, housing and care needs of older lesbians.

Matrix Guild Victoria Inc. was founded in 1992 by a group of lesbian feminists for the benefit of lesbians over forty years of age .

Matrix Guild aims to:

  • Promote appropriate care and support for older lesbians
  • Challenge ageism and oppose discrimination
  • Provide accommodation in Victoria for older lesbians who are financially disadvantaged

Matrix Guild is a public, charitable, incorporated association with Deductible Gift Recipient status, so your generous donations are Tax Deductible.

Sandra Broman has created a graphic biography on Esther Olivares - ‘Esther! A True Story’ you can find it at the following link:

Matrix Café afternoons

Mama Says cafe

Mamma Says Café - We're there every Thursday....join us

Our Matrix café afternoons are in full swing again this year, at Mamma Says café, 120 Station Street, Fairfield.The café is on the left side of Station Street heading north, between Wingrove St and Duncan St. The nearest railway station is Fairfield, on the Hurstbridge line, accessible from Wingrove Street.   (Melways Ref Map 30, K10)

When you arrive at the café, go through to the outdoor covered area (pictured) at the rear of the café, and you will find us there. There is street parking along Station Street, but you can also park in the carpark behind the shops, which you enter from Gillies Street.

The Café afternoons are held every Thursday from 12:30 – 2:30 pm.
We can guarantee good company, good conversation and good food. Have lunch, or just a cuppa. Have a game of Rummio or just have a chat.  Bring a friend along. It’s a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and everyone is made welcome.
Check out the menu here:

If you want more information contact Loretta



Physio students

Annabelle, Alysha, Anne and Rebecca

On Oct 28th Pat Mitchell and Chris Sitka attended the presentation at Melbourne University of the project that the four physiotherapy students did with Matrix. They have created an educational video for distribution to students in the health professions in which they encourage respect and counter discrimination against lesbians (and other LGBTI people). The star of the video is our own committee member Pat Mitchell!

The student team consisting of three young lesbians and one heterosexual woman (Annabelle, Anne, Alysha and Rebecca) have done a superlative job and created a far reaching resource. Through their hard work in networking with ‘the authorities’ their work will be also taken up by the whole Health Department of Melbourne University and distributed wider to social worker networks and other universities. After their session they were also approached and encouraged to take it to an international conference and distributed it to other South East Asian countries with translation.

This is a remarkable achievement of advancing education of health professionals towards ending discrimination against older lesbians and is probably one of the most beneficial partnerships Matrix has entered into with any other group. It promises to have far reaching positive consequences.

Whilst there I talked to several of the lecturers and there is no doubt that they have a very high regard for our students and the work they have done in collaboration with Matrix. And this work will reverberate far and wide.

Of the 20 groups who presented on the day theirs was far and away the most outstanding. It was a highly emotional experience with the students declaring how much of an honour it was to work with a group of intelligent, activists such as Matrix and how much they appreciated the work we had done in breaking through discriminations against both lesbians and women in general. The presenters were crying, their supervisors were crying and so were many of the other students! They got a heart felt standing ovation from their peers and Pat and Chris got lots of praise, kudos and appreciation.

The difference from the other students, who also did very worthwhile community engagement projects with other ‘minority’ groups such as refugees, disability groups, indigenous groups, etc. was that our project addressed discrimination in an activist way – rather than simply providing a health promotion program (e.g. exercise and meditation sessions).

The deeper quality of our project was a result of the way our students consulted with us and took up our suggestions and then developed them to another level due to their own commitment and unique talents. It is en excellent example of what collaboration between older and younger lesbians can create.

Louisa Remedios who develop the Healthcare in Context subject so that Doctor of Physiotherapy students would learn to relate to the whole person, rather than the mere mechanics of physio treatment, has asked if she can recommend more lesbian students to work with us in the future. As our four students were presenting this video at their final assessment before graduating.

Our treasurer Pat Mitchell will be world famous for a start!
I found attending the presentation inspiring and a demonstration of just what Matrix is achieving and generating as an organisation. I would encourage more members to become involved in future projects such as this. We are constantly being asked to attend consultations, talk with health professionals and such like.

Chris Sitka

Here is the video the students made...

The Lesbian Comedy Gala was a HUGE success. You can now view a video of the highlights on the Events page.

Then and Now - Older Lesbians Share Their Stories

“In this short film, 'Then and Now, Older Lesbians', Barb, Vera and Dorothy talk about their lives. They discuss the difficulties they face living in a heterosexist, lesbophobic world and the psychological pain of living a closeted double life. If they chose to follow their hearts and come out, they experienced the loss of children, job, friends and housing. They reveal the overt discrimination they endured if they chose to disclose who they really were. Before the internet era, Dorothy describes the fear and isolation of living in a rural area and believing that she and her partner were the only two lesbians in the world. Barb reveals the distress caused by a religion that condemned her. Vera wants to be accepted and celebrated for who she is, not just tolerated. Rich and supportive lesbian friendships and sub-culture has sustained them, creating resilience, warmth and joy. They describe how attitudes have gradually changed over the last 50 years and how they now feel brave enough to be themselves.”

Vals Cafe Published on 8 Jun 2015

Dorothy, Barb and Vera share their experiences of being lesbians then and now. Developed in partnership with Matrix Guild Victoria, Then and Now explores the lives of older LGBT people in Australia. Funded by the Australian Government.

We have a new slide show on the Gallery page for your enjoyment.

You can see the video highlights from the 2014 LCG on our Events page.

There is a new Social Afternoon Event! Find further details on our Events page


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By supporting these events and making donations to Matrix Guild Vic. you are in effect supporting yourself in your senior years.

Stop Discrimination in Aged Care

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Matrix can supply a speaker to present to your organisation on any topic relating to older lesbians. We do a lot of presentations to Aged Care services, to improve awareness about the needs of lesbian clients. Click here to read more >>

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